• Bizarre Foods

    "Tremendous Entertainment has participated in Snowbate since the inception of the program. Television networks look favorably on any opportunity to offset production budgets in this competitive media landscape. We hope Snowbate funding will continue to be made available to our Minnesota production community."

    Jane Durkee
    Chief Operating Officer and Vice-President
    Tremendous! Entertainment

  • Into Temptation

    "Into Temptation could not have been made without Snowbate. There is no other way to state it. My project was being wooed to shoot in Milwaukee. The incentive we received from the State of Minnesota allowed me to convince my investors and producers to stay home, shooting the film in the city it was written to be shot in. For this reason my vision actually made it to the screen, fueled by our great local talent and production facilities. The film has been distributed nationally, is being very well received, and Minneapolis, in all her glory, has been captured on film--not Milwaukee."

    Patrick Coyle

  • Rehab Addict

    "While Magnetic Productions (formerly Edelman Productions) has been in business for less than one year, we've experienced tremendous growth, rapidly expanding from a staff of nine to a full time staff of 30. We also keep at least 10 freelancers busy on a regular basis. Our success has definitely been fueled by the Snowbate funds. The money has given us the resource to compete with production companies in other states. We've mainly used the money to fund our development efforts, and this has an immediate impact on our business. With the additional Snowbate resources, we were able to land a million dollar plus contract. Without the Snowbate money, it's doubtful we would have been able to obtain that business."

    John Kitchener
    Executive Producer/President
    Magnetic Productions


MINNESOTA'S 20% to 25% Cash Rebate

(Updated 7/21/14)

The incentive is available to Feature Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, National Television Programs or Series, Television Pilots, TV Commercials, Internet and Post Production Only projects. Click on the table below for specific eligibility requirements.


Download Snowbate Guidelines, Forms and Terms and Conditions here. Please note that if MN photography has already begun, the project is NOT eligible to apply.




4. ExpenditureReportAffidavit.7.2014.pdf

If you're interested in applying to Snowbate, we recommend calling our office to confirm currently available funds. Entity and project applications must be approved and your project certified before any Minnesota spending is eligible for reimbursement. Please call Incentives Specialist Jill Johansen at 612.767.0095 if you have any questions after reviewing the Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

Comments regarding Snowbate should be emailed to snowbate@mnfilmtv.org.

Current Snowbate Projects/Fund Availability: